Merchant Service Leads

If you are looking for Merchant Cash advance or credit card processing leads, then Leads101 is your source. Using our innovative Live Lead Transfer Technology compiled with our Calling Data we will provide your business with fresh Exclusive business leads that are interested in your merchant services.

With a vast amount of experience in the business to business marketing area, Leads101 will deliver prospective clients that have been pre-screened and are ready to make a decision on your merchant services live over the phone.

If your business relies on internet leads to capture prospective business owners to utilize your services, you are competing and wasting money on leads that are recycled through many different lead buyers. Using direct mail to generate leads returns approximately 1-6 % response and takes a lot of time to setup and receive calls from those clients.

Our live transfer service only takes a few minuets to set up and you will see instant results.


Benefits of using our affordably priced live transfer service:

  • Lead Setup: You can start receiving leads the same day in most cases
  • Exclusive Live Leads: Leads are Exclusive and Transferred Live to your company
  • Results: You will see immediate results on your investment, unlike direct mail and print ads
  • Pre-Screened: Potential clients are pre-screened prior to transferring them live to your company
  • Targeted Leads: Your Lead campaign is specifically targeted to your merchant service criteria
  • Double Verified: If your company only wants double verified leads, Leads101 will verify the consumer utilizing a live representative from our call center.
  • Cost Effective: Utilizing live transfer merchant leads by Leads101, is very cost effective and will result in a much better roi then other lead generation methods


Why buy Merchant Service Lead's any other way? Your competition doesn't


If you would like more information on our live transfer Merchant Service leads,
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